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good week

i finally got my last personal project done for my production class thank god! now i only have one group project left to do but that will be easy because I won't be in charge of everything like I was the last 4 times i did stuff. the piece i did was about a woman who overcomes an abusive relationship. anyways, it is really crazy because it went over really really well. well enough that my professor, you can look him up on (Jerry Isenberg), wants her name and wants to help her get representation out here which is awesome. she was just this really sweet girl from ohio who had the most innocent looking eyes when she cried, so i chose her. jerry than stopped to talk to me after class about him wanting to find out the legwork that was needed to be done to get it sent out to festivals and things, or at the very least shelters or places where women who actually need to see these kinds of things will see them and hopefully make the connection to their life and getting out of it (which was honestly the whole reason i wanted to do the piece, i was hoping that it would be good enough to want to be shown to women in that situation as a guide of sorts). so ya, how insane is that happening? i really have no idea what to think about it other than i'm proud and really flattered at the attention i've gotten since then. really odd honestly.

ok that is weird, i just looked on and didn't see him. he was a producer in television for i think around 15 years on one of the big three networks. he has owned two of his own production companies and is very wealthy from them. he doesn't really need to work, he just enjoys teaching.

later that night i finally got to see some live bands play since keith and i saw the one a.m. radio literally the first night i was in town. i got to see bella lea and tristeza play at a place in costa mesa literally called, "the detroit bar," which i thought was funny/inviting for obvious reasons. god, they were both so good, just like when i saw them at mac's on two different nights in the last year. i really need to start playing with people again, i really really do. oh, and without a doubt i would marry either maura from bella lea or the female guitar player in tristeza. god, the tristeza girl has her sleeves fully done with tattoos and the music they play is so unbelievable. i need to meet a nice/sweet/funny female musician and then marry her. i would love to have someone to play with on a long term scale like that.

last night i went and saw david lynch speak on campus. it was kind of weird, he didn't do a speech he basically talked a lot about meditation and world peace. a lot of people got up to ask questions and regardless of whether they were film or meditation related 80% of them started the question with the statement, "i just wanted to thank you for your great artwork over the years, but especially for mulholland dr. i want to thank you for that because it completely changed my view of the world around me....." or something along those lines. he also had two guys with ph.d's there talking about the benefits of meditation and what it can do for you in the long run, and also how it can help lead to world peace. i like their ideas don't get me wrong, but it all just seemed to "hippy" for me though he did on three occasions bluntly say drugs don't help expand your consciousness, only meditation can do it for you.

ok, i'm out of here. these is a gallery on campus i've been wanting to go to and now that i have some free time i can finally do it. man do i wish i had a female to join me.....
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