don't promise anything, unless you give everything (phlogiston20) wrote,
don't promise anything, unless you give everything

hey hey

sorry but it has been a while since i've updated. my asshole friends finally got me to go onto myspace so you can look for me with the same username as this livejournal. i've had to watch a bunch of movies i hadn't seen in a while for a project due on tuesday. i have to critique 4 movies, 1 tv show and 1 documentary to fit into six categories of sound, art design, editing, cinematography, producing and directing. the catch is that the movie has to have been nominated for best picture AND also in the category of which you are critiquing it the tv show for an emmy for best drama or comedy and the documentary just had to be nominated for a best doc. here is my list:

cinematography: American Beauty
Sound: speaking in strings or buena vista social club (both are documentaries)
Editing: As good as it gets
Producing: Six Feet Under (season 1, episode 1)
art design: apocaplyse now
directing: good will hunting

anyways, i just found out that conrad hall, who shot american beauty, also did cool hand luke and searching for bobby fischer. i should really look at this thing more thoroughly. then maybe people here will take me seriously.
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