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oh dear god

ok, so today is my the showing of my final group project for my first production class here. it is a goofy piece about a man who takes the pants back in his relationship with his wife, so what would be better to call it than "pants man"? Anyways, I also co-wrote the theme music and went absolutely apeshit with it and I think came up with a damn good song. i just bought a midi-keyboard (m-audio o-zone to be exact) and have been having a ball with it except that I'm a little scared I'm going to end up writing a lot of techno-ish type stuff because it is so easy to do and kind of fun to zone out playing. anywho, I have around 9 hours to finish all the editing which I sincerely hope won't take me that long so I can hopefully get some sleep or something. i'm at 21 hours awake and still going strong. i'm about to take a much needed break and listen to the song again. i hope the sun is rising, that would be nice to see now.

in other news, in 3 days I will be on a plane back to michigan. i am so looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully you all are looking forward to seeing me as well. anyways, I hope all is well and i'll be seeing you soon:)
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