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hey ya'll

i need to apologize about the absolute lack of posts but things have gotten back to being crazy after 3 days of classes...jesus i don't even remember so i'll probably sigh when i post this and look at it. anyways, here are 3 cool things that are going on for me right now:

1. i start to shoot on film in a couple of weeks. or rather my 508 class partner starts shooting the script that i am writing and reworking in a little bit and i think we found our female lead which makes me very happy.
2. I got a kitten! well, she kind of found me or something. i went outside for a smoke and to make a phone call on my cell and hopefully see the cute girls who live across the street who were outside earlier in the day and when i got done with the call i turned around and there on the landing was a kitten. we made eye contact and she just walked up and curled up in a ball in my lap and fell asleep. i sat there with her for an hour and a half asking everyone who walked in or by if they'd seen her before and no one had which doesn't totally surprise me because there are a ton of stray cats here. anyways, she is fucking cool as hell and i think i am going to name her "calamity jane." she is the sanity i think i needed when i come home at night and am way overtired.
3. today i am officially 3 years stronger. i can even impress myself sometimes when i think about how fast that time has gone by.
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