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so how scary is this?

in under 24 hours i will be 25 years old. i've been looking at things lately sometimes consciously in new ways. i keep thinking in my head, fucking christ man you are almost a quarter or a century old. you are what you've always considered to basically be an adult and completely self sufficient, possibly married or something. last time i talked to my mom she started talking about how old i've gotten, and that at my age she had already been married two years......ya i told her not to hold her breath on that one. i just have this weird feeling through my body like i'm actually getting conscious of how old i am....those same concepts as what i had thought earlier.

this semester has started off fucking crazy. i seriously hit the ground sprinting since i got back here. this semester in my production class we are shooting two 16mm Color no sync sound movies. one of them i write/direct and do sound design while my partner (we are in groups of two) is director of photography and post production and then at the half-way point my film is done and we start his and switch our roles. oddly enough i wrote a romantic comedy i joking called, though now it seems to be permanent, "Kitten and Beer Bongs." The problem is you see, there neither kittens or beer bongs in my film. ok nighty night i'm tired. lots and lots of work to do tomorrow.

ps-god this is an amazing album. ahhh, the classics.
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