don't promise anything, unless you give everything (phlogiston20) wrote,
don't promise anything, unless you give everything


Earlier tonight my partner Jonathan Bernbaum and I got picture locked for my first film called, "Kittens and Beer Bongs." Craziness.....I'm really in film school huh?

now all i have to do is write the music and do the audio mixing. tonight i start on the music....i have two weeks.....that is forever in my eyes.

OH YA!!!

Do you live in the LA area? Do you like movies? Do you want to see mine premier on the big screen in Norris Theatre on campus? Well then come out here on March 10th (thats a friday) and from 5:00-6:30pm if you come out to USC's campus you can see my film. Thats right, you can see my film shown on the huge big screen. I'm pissing myself with anticipation.
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