January 5th, 2007

my christmas break

aaron krueger, katie klein, mrs. klein (katie's mom drunk and she kissed me like 5 times. RIGHT ON THE LIPS!), skippy, lauren brick, mike and beth connor, keith "penguin walk" babaisz, brian and emily bawol, brian and crystal deleon (she is pregnant!), mrs. spitsbergen, Katie (skippy's -ex), adam wright, chris , jon filak, mike healy, matt healy (while very drunk he told me to call him when i'm horny. why do the gay men from farmington like me?), mike dolhaufer, brad and kerry dolhaufer, robbie and erin shawn, sam walton, kevin and libby and mark from "you should be melting" (the last band i played in at MSU), erin and eric and maggie (our groupies), scott and lindsey miller (best cousins ever!), the parka kings, cecil robert gingerich, jeanne schueller (is it weird i talk to an old boss from 3 years ago still?), rick copen, alison (SHE IS AN EX-SUICIDE GIRL!!!), john weins, justin bilicki, dave graw, steve schweik.

i saw all those people while i was home. a friend of mine said you never really go on vacation when you just go home. i agree. you just run around like a chicken with no head. and now i miss them. also, I NEVER ONCE SAW SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!!

chicago for new years was fucking awesome.

bought my first new pair of ear rings in like 4 years!

saw the annie leibovitz exhibit at the DIA. it was awesome. still open for two more days and well worth the 10 bucks.
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