February 6th, 2007

holy cow

well.....two hours of word vomit into the good ol' screenwriter program and i think i actually have a tangible idea for what my thesis film could be about. it is a really fucking huge idea. i mean really huge. it all came out of an idea for a sonsg that i also just got tonight. because i keep joking that i want my thesis film to be a rock opera, my mind jumped to see if i could throw a story on top of how i wanted the song to be structed. i have no clue whatsoever if i will be able to read it tomorrow, or if i will be able to see straight in 4 minutes if i keep looking at this screen but i need to get some sleep now. i feel so awesome and inspired now:) this is a rediculously good feeling.
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    the good life: an acquaintance strikes a chord