i'm so proud

my "little" cousin (all 6'5" of him) is doing really well at college. he and his family are super religious and he goes to hope college, a christian school, so my other cousin scott (from bramley, the punk as fuck one) always joked that he will never have a drink in his life and will never date and will just be a priest or something. scott and i actually made a bet that he wouldn't drink in college which i recently discovered i won because he does drink. he also managed to find himself a sugar momma in the last few months which is really cute. ahh, anybody remember that young love at the tender age of 19? actually i think this is his first real girlfriend so it is extra cute to me. i kind assumed it would happen at some point because he plays for hope college's hockey team, and the college sports guys i hear are good at partying and meeting women. so good for him, i'll have to give him a high five when i go home for christmas:)

i've been listening to strung out since i woke up, just as i remembered they are a really good band in case any of you forgot. surburan teenage wasteland blues and twisted by design are such good albums. jordan their drummer is still inspiring to me, as are their guitar players.
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i have so many other things i need to be doing right now.....

1. What was the first car your family had?:
1986 silver mercury sable (first one i can actually remember)

2. What was the name of your first pet and why?:
we had a cat named wink(er) and a dog named licorice. wink was born with only one eye a bashed in nose and one fang hanging out of her lip. now that you know all that, take a guess which one got her her name. licorice was black and my mom loves black licorice candy.

3. How did your first pet die?
not sure

4. What was the name of your elementary school?
amermam elementary, mirane elementary, george washington elementary and apex elementary (that was a fun 4 years)

5. Who was your first best friend?
chris farrah

6. Are you still friends today, and if not, what happened?
i have no idea what he would be doing. i haven't really talked to him since i moved in 3rd grade.

7. What was your favorite board game?

8. Did you play house or other make believe games?
no, just a shitload of baseball with my friends.

9. Were you a Dungeons and Dragons geek?
nope. i never knew anyone who was.

10. Did you sleep with stuffed animals as a kid?

11. Do you still sleep with stuffed animals?:
i don't sleep with them but i will never get rid of my odie stuffed animal.

12. Who was the first person you looked up to when you were younger?
either allen trammell or jose canseco

13. Who was your favorite relative?
my grandpa mcdonald because he always had fun size snickers bar candy bars and blowpops in his car. i wonder how he became a diabetic?

14. Were you short or tall in elementary school?:
i hit five feet in the fifth grade. i towered.

15. Were you teased in school?
not really. or maybe i was. i honestly didn't have many friends or talk to a whole lot of people until high school.

16. What was the name of your favorite teacher?
not sure. mrs. rohn (a.p. calculus), mrs. monson (a.p. physics) or mrs. murtland (french). all just really sweet women who kept me laughing and having a good time when i was the most stressed i've ever was in high school.

17. What was the name of your least favorite teacher?
i want to say mrs. ports, because i really hated her then. but then after talking with people about what happened to her after she retired (after the year i had her) i actually am really sad i gave that woman so much shit.

18. What was your best subject in school?
anything math related

19. What was your worst subject in school?
chemistry? i just hated it, and had a huge emotionally swaying pregnant woman teaching it.

20. Did you do well in Physical Education?
ya. i did a lot of sports from a young man. baseball all the time, gymnastics for about 7 years, soccer and basketball. i did play tag football with friends though.

21. Were you clumsy when you were younger?
actually, i have been developing that for a long time now.

22. Who was your favorite band as a kid?:
either my mom's motown collection or my dad's obsession with eric clapton and paul simon.

23. What was your favorite movie as a kid?
home alone for a long time actually.

24. Did your parents read to you?
pretty positive that both my parents did.

25. Did you have a favorite book?
anything by ronald dahl or jim davis

26. What was your favorite restaurant as a kid?
chuck e. cheese's was always fun. i went there for my birthday and my cousin cried like crazy when we put him in the ball pit. what a wuss.

27. On what TV or movie star did you have a crush?:
the first real crush still exists honestly.....thank you wynona ryder.

28. Do you now wonder what you were thinking?
not at all.

29. Who was your first crush in school?
janet patten (7th grade was a shy kids nightmare)

30. As a child, what kind of car did you want when you grew up?
eh, in high school i wanted a vw bug (old style)

31. Did your parents spank you?

32. Did your parents fight a lot when you were a kid?
decent amount.

33. Did your parents get divorced or stay married?
still married after 33 years now.

34. If they got divorced, how old were you when it happened?
it came close to happening like every year for about 4 years in elementary school

35. Did you ever run away from home?

36. How old were you when/if you first got glasses?
3rd grade i think. i remember my dad and dr. french making fun of me for wanting to see the black board in class. dr. french was hilarious, he started teaching me dirty jokes in 2nd grade.

37. Did you need braces or a retainer?:
yes sir i did. both

38. If you're male, how old were you when you had your first wet
haha, i think i was 15. it woke me up as i recall.

49. Both sexes when did you start shaving?
11th grade or so, though i was telling people i did back in 9th grade to be cool or something.

50. Girls when did you start wearing a bra?
i actually just started this about a month ago.

51. What was your first kiss like?
i think i was scared shitless as i recall. from my very first girlfriend ever. that was the best six weeks of my life. my mom still teases me about when the got to console me after my first break-up and when she said the line, "there are plenty of fish in the sea," to which i replied, "but i really liked that one."

52. What did you do on your first date?
went to a movie.

53. How old were you when you first drank?
13 my cousin and i split a beer. i must have had a low tolerance because i was so wasted!

54. How old were you when you first tried drugs?
at 14 i smoked a joint with some friends, both of which i lost contact with under a year later.

55. Where was your first house?
somewhere in grand ledge.
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what kind of a person makes their teacher cry?

well me i guess. and unfortunately it wasn't because i was doing something awesome like yelling at her. nope, she is my acting teacher Jennifer Warren who has been in many many movies (look her up on imdb.com) and i guess i am a good actor because she cried.

after that i called about 8 women to come and audition for my next piece tomorrow. i have never felt like more of a tool than I did for making these phone calls. i mean everyone seemed very nice and seemed to like what i was telling them about, but it being the first time i've ever done auditions and that is kind of freaky but i have a good feeling about this. craziness, another really heavy piece i'm doing. i don't really feel like talking about it because i'm really tired.

my friend is having a costume party for halloween on saturday and i'm stuck between two ideas i have. i would appreciate you opinions. i either want to dress like a cheerleader with a beard and huge boobs or a boxcar hobo clown complete with tree branch over my shoulder.

ok, i need sleep, there are only so many nights in a row that i can handle less than 4 hours of sleep. hope all is well for you. t-minus 48 days until i fly home.
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oh wow

so i've been looking on craig's list for the last two hours for bands that need guitar players and it is slim pickins. some of the funniest shit i've ever read though when people are trying to plug their group. this is my favorite:

Oh, and by the way: be a lady killin', bitch magnet, smooth criminal badass type - in short, a worthy adversary in a band full of hustlers, gangsters and rock n' roll pimps, motherfucker.


oh god...

i think i just nutted in my pants. you can have up to 16Gb of ram in the new G5's.
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man....i found the perfect spot to do part of my shoot and i got the ok from the house manager guy and now i can't get ahold of him. we spoke about me doing it last wednesday or friday and since the actress i got couldn't do it, i didn't try and call him until thursday to let him know it needed to be pushed back. i've been calling him at least 3 times a day since then, or at least the number he gave me and he hasn't been returning my calls. i walked down there and left a long note on his door saying please call me, and the more i think about it god i hope he can read english because he like the majority of the non-student body that live around me is mexican. i have to do this shoot tomorrow, HAVE TO, or i'm pretty well fucked for this project because that location is where the majority of my stuff is supposed to be shot....god damn it. all the weird ghosted images are freaky as hell and work great with this stuff, but i have to shoot this stuff and have it done by wednesday afternoon or i'm kind of screwed....HOORAY!

cross your fingers for me that this guy gets back to me....
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man oh man

so i have 15 and 1/3 days worth of music on my computer if i just turned it on and let it go, and lately i've just been putting it on random and seeing what i get. i've been hearing all sorts of bands that i haven't listened to in forever and here is the perfect example that has some major sentimental value to me. when i was a freshman in high school pete thrubis bought me two 7" records for christmas. besides the fact i was floored he bought me anything, and also gave me my very first 7" records, the two of them were great. he gave me the mustard plug "beer song" and the regatta 69 "simple simon." anyone remember regatta 69? probably not, but the song simple simon is so amazingly good it still gives me chills when it slows down at the end. give it a listen if you randomly have it laying around, i will greatly recommend it.

the shoot i did tonight went well. we worked for 3 hours and at 2am we decided to call it a night. i was just really fucking amused because little did i realize what i was saying until it came out of my mouth, but i said to this poor 18 year old girl/actress, "ok lift up your skirt and pull down your pants," which was quickly followed by much laughter and a very red face. i think i want to leave the story at that instead of saying what that was in context to. if you know me well enough you know that wasn't supposed to be taken in the literal scary sense. just laugh about it:)
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jesus man

so i'm working on my next project right now and I start shooting tomorrow. i went out tonight and shot a bunch of test footage of myself because i'm going to be trying to do all this crazy stuff in post. here is the basic idea (real uplifting let me tell):

a girl is basically trying to rationalize her own suicide. there will be a voiceover going the majority of the time which will be her reading her suicide note. the entire note is basically all about how alone she is and how her mind has turned on her. no matter what she does, she is constantly second guessing herself because her mind just won't leave her be. this is pretty hard to show visually so the way i will be doing it is by shooting the same shot about 7 times. the first time is the actual character doing whatever she is supposed to be doing in the scene and all the other shots will be her in a different outfit interacting with the first shot. these extra shots will all be put on top of the master shot but will be pretty transparent so that it makes it look like all these other figures around her are ghosted images which are supposed to represent her thoughts/head. it's pretty abstract and after i went around tonight and shot it and brought it back and fucked around with the stuff i shot for 3 hours this little 30 second scene is fucking eerie as hell.....or exactly how i wanted it. to top it off i'm trying to be super ambitious and also write the music to it....or rather record a much nicer version of something i recently wrote. i layed that in with the images to see how it fit and it gave me chills. i don't think i am going to see the light of day this weekend much while i am putting this together but if i can get what i want to shoot to work like what i put together tonight of me it is going to be fucking awesome...YAY!!!! (insert mini-tribal dance here, watch the movie "bio-dome" for a reference on how to do this dance). wow, how awesome am i.....here i am mixing bio-dome references with this scary ass shit i'm making:)

i need to ask a girl out tomorrow who is in class with me. i need to ask this girl out. my friend is having a party at her apartment place in downtown LA on friday and a lot of it will probably on the roof of the huuuuuuuge building she lives in. so so pretty to be able to see the whole city from that high up. i'm going to kick myself if i pass up an opportunity like that to bring a girl to.
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damn it

i fucked my up back pretty good aparently. all i expected was getting some pain pills and maybe have them reccomend a good massage parlor to go to and instead i got:

a shot to help the inflammation
perscription for anti-inflammatory stuff
a second visit earlier today
a script for physical therapy that they want me to start soon

thank god i don't have friday classes or that 3 hour visit definitely would have screwed it up. just really sucks because walking and sitting hurt, and laying on my back in bed all day is really not very fun. i had a really fun party to go to tonight too with a bunch of the production kids where a couple of us were going to bring guitars and bongos and other shit to mess with that i no longer can be a part of:( i was really hoping this would be something that i could find other decent guitar players to play with occasionally.

i finally got my lan-phoneline working so now i can talk to people without having to leave my apartment and go sit on my front steps of the apartment building. here is the number you can get ahold of me at in the future: 1-(213)-291-9690. my cell number will stay the same so you can still reach me on that as well.

thats about it, hope you all are having a good weekend and i hope some of you (mainly steve and keith) watched wisconsin beat UofM in the last seconds of the game. don't worry, i already called to make fun of my mother's team who is now 2-4 in their last 6 games. good thing the spartans have won and now the trojans have taken the lead. i hope they win.
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bored? i was until i did this:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bad brains:
    in their day, they were the heaviest and the fastest players....AND THEY ARE ALL BLACK!! today you would know them as soul brains because their old label owns the name. i've seen soul brains, and they were damn good. HR was wasted out of his goard though and sat down in a chair while he did all his singing while he was holding onto a bird cage and talking to the bird inbetween parts he needed to be singing.
  2. cursive:
    fucking amazing band, they were doing a small venue tour with all sorts of weird names so that people wouldn't realize who they were. stuffy dumbfuck was one of those names. i heard gretta cohen has quit which makes me really sad because i would marry her in a heartbeat.
  3. east lansing:
    i lived in this city for 5 years while i went to college. it is a beautiful city and the student body has a bad habit of enjoying to riot. all kinds of amazingly good and terrible things have happened to me there, and i think i've done more growing as a person in that city than anywhere else. i very much still miss not being there.
  4. hepcat:
    one of the best ska groups i've ever seen. the 3 part vocal harmonies are the prettiest i've ever heard and their guitar player is just beyond amazing. such amazingly beautiful jazz licks. alex desert, one of the singers, is also a very good actor. he was the only black guy in swingers and he was on boy meets world and unfortunately becker. he is still a fucking cool guy.
  5. lita ford:
    sara hall is the wife of the drummer of the ska band i was in at one point. shortly after i quit that band steve, her husband, started playing with another group called porchsleeper. one of their first gigs was on sara's birthday, so they let her get onstage and sing a song with them as a present. i watched them rip through "kiss me deadly" and i have since loved the song. sara is one of those people who just brightens my day whenever i see her.
  6. owen:
    owen is the newest project from the guitar player/lead singer from american football. he still writes absolutely beautiful music and i was lucky enough to get to see him do his thing at mac's bar one night. he was so stoned i got to make the statement, "jesus man, he is so high he looks asian." i still laugh thinking about that. dear god was he amazing live though.
  7. radiohead:
    exit music from a film is a beautiful song. great band all in all. i've never seen them play live and i'd like to. i have a feeling it will annoy a few people that i won't go more in depth than that but i've just never been as into them as so many as my friends have been.
  8. strung out:
    one of the best punk bands i think that has ever existed. their drummer was, and still is in a lot of ways, my hero for wanting to play. i still say he was robbed being put #2 best punk drummer in the world behind travis barker in the modern drummer magazine poll. twisted by design, and especially the track "matchbook," will forever give me chills. god i wish i could play as well as those guitar players.
  9. the ivy crown:
    good michigan group. keith was in it, sami was in it, greg was in it and bill was in it. sami's drumming on their album always impresses me, as do the lyrics and female vocals. good female vocals will forever make me melt. that one album they put out though, i will always be able to listen to all the way through once it starts, even with a disney movie playing in the background.
  10. the toasters:
    one of the best ska bands out there. i have been lucky enough to have seen them play 3 times and even gotten to play a show with them once as an opening act filling in on guitar for an ex-girlfriend's band. jesus man, i always need a few seconds to stop and look back at me fucking that one up....in all fareness to me it really was the best thing for me to have done at the time, but i still wonder where it could have gone. anyways, one of the best horn sections ever in my opinion who are also very talented uno players. they invented a card called, "you're fucked draw 25," that made the game very interesting.

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